Data Privacy and Cyber Security Choices

Data Privacy and Cyber Security Choices

Following a recent government announcement in which Dominic Raab warned that “predatory” cyber criminals and hostile states are seeking to exploit the coronavirus pandemic, saying that UK citizens, businesses and institutions will be targeted for weeks and months ahead, organisations need to identify their risk.

Subsequently, in a security report “Identifying Unique Risks of Work From Home Remote Office Networks,” it determined that 45% of companies had malware on their corporate-associated home networks, whereas only 13.3% of companies had malware on their corporate networks. While remote work was common before the pandemic, the sudden increase has substantially increased and with it created many new risks.

Protecting your data and assets is fundamental to your organisation, Any breach affecting records of its data which could involve client details, financial and special category data is typically very serious. The cost of a breach or hack is high in not only monetary terms but operationally and in addition, reputational damage is at stake. Employees working from home considerably adds to this risk and relevant assessments should be carried out to ensure the protection of organisational assets.

ClearComm has designed Choices, which allows your organisation to choose relevant Data Protection and Cyber Security solutions to help mitigate risk against a breach or attack.

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