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Insight allows you to identify gaps

GDPR Insight

GDPR affects all businesses processing or storing data. GDPR is law and compliance is not an “opt-out”. At ClearComm, we believe that whilst internally you may have the correct policies and procedures unless these are tested, how sure can your organisation be, that in practice these are working.

GDPR Insight is a must-have programme that effectively determines strengths and weaknesses within your organisation. It utilises the most critical, yet beneficial asset you have - actual data subjects.

This programme tests your implementation of GDPR along with staff understanding in practice, your extra set of eyes.

Why is GDPR Insight a proven business technique?

Our GDPR Insight programme is not identified to your employees, which gives your organisation a true sense of how your GDPR implementation functions.

Insight allows you to identify gaps and instigate corrective action or training before a “live” situation.

Here’s how GDPR Insight can help your business:
  • If employees understand any person is a potential “test” Data Subject, they have the incentive to follow organisational guidelines.
  • Great feedback motivates employees and facilitates reward opportunities.
  • Employee training, attitude and overall performance can be assessed.
  • New procedure implementation can more effectively be introduced into the workplace.
  • Insights into the GDPR journey are revealed.
  • Gaps in loss prevention are exposed and compliance is reinforced.
  • Feedback and insight on the GDPR Insight programme are collected— compliance and the data subject journey are all evaluated.

Our service provides senior management with the critical information and feedback needed in order to improve
GDPR within the organisation and ultimately ensure that you are compliant.