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GDPR Compliance

ClearComm offers one of the most fully inclusive GDPR audit and compliance programmes for your organisation. The compliance programme is led by your appointed GDPR Compliance Manager who will take you through the complete project.

GDPR Compliance Programme consists of:

General Data Protection Regulation

Implications for Organisation

GDPR is the first major review of data protection in the UK for 20 years. It has serious implications for any organisation that does not follow the new rules when processing the personal data of members, supporters or customers.

In May 25th 2018, the GDPR became law. Data subjects can now take full control of their personal information. With enhanced rights and an emphasis on fairness, transparency, accuracy and security, the GDPR will effectively prevent the unauthorised processing of personal information; in short, people will be empowered.

The importance of clear policies and procedures when collecting, storing and sharing data is therefore paramount to every organisation if it is to avoid monetary and reputational damage.

ClearComm has the experience and expertise to work with you to ensure your organisation is not only fully compliant but, through our on-site training or e-learning programme, will provide key personnel with the tools to ensure that your organisation remains compliant for many years to come. Our primary goal is to work with you in partnership by closely supporting you to become compliant.

At ClearComm we have taken a very positive view to the GDPR – the regulation can act as a framework to ensure your organisation is following the best practice for managing and making the most out of the data that you have.