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Data Protection Officers (DPO)

Data Protection Services

We offer outsourced certified Data Protection Officers (DPO) to work within your organisation. This ensures your data compliance is proactively managed whilst advising the organisation, employees and liaising with the ICO.

Our DPO will attend your offices on an agreed basis, whilst advice can be sort by telephone and email.

What will the DPO do?

The DPO will oversee and advise on records made to the mandatory data log.

The DPO is the organisation’s point of contact with the ICO. Your DPO will, therefore, be the point of contact to undertake issues concerning audits and data breaches.

The important differentiator with ClearComm is that our DPO service includes pro-active management of implementation throughout the contracted service

In the event of a breach of data protection

In the event of a breach of data protection as specified in the GDPR your DPO will actively engage and within 24 hours of notification, clarify the position.

Given the requirements of the current legislation for reporting serious breaches of data protection within 72 hours, the DPO will judge the severity of any breach, investigate causes, measure the potential for risk and loss to both the organisation and the data subjects affected and if necessary notify the ICO using the organisation’s notification procedure.

Audit & Consultancy

Every twelve months as part of the DPO Service, your DPO will carry out an audit to examine your framework of policies and procedures
against your implementation and staff understanding and awareness.
This will be documented and can be presented to the board to ensure clarity and transparency.