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Charity Partner Programme

We strongly believe that as a business it is important to give back and invest in the communities around us. Within the organisation, we have many volunteering and fundraising programmes.

As part of our programme, each year we also partner with a dedicated charity to enable us to directly engage with the community through this channel.

Our chosen charity partner in 2018 is Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity, providing advice and help to those with a mental health problem.

Our employee’s embrace the opportunity to volunteer, fundraise and give pro bono support to this charity. In return, the charity allows us to access a wide range of activities and practical guidance in their own field of work.


Action Day

As part of our CSR programme, we organise a community action day each year. Our staff including associated businesses join together and spend a day in the local community. This includes giving up their day in the office to help out across all sectors including school, care homes, city farms, respite and half-way homes along with YMCA’s.

Our work is with local project and charities where the help can make a difference whether this is DIY, shopping and reading assistance, playground repairs, grass cutting and even manure shovelling.

The time organising and allocated to the community amounts to over


per annum

However, the community gains are far greater in terms of the outcome because of the benefit to the people it helps.