Hacks & Tips V8

Hacks & Tips V8

This month’s Hacks & Tips Bulletin places a spotlight on cyber security to reflect the latest trends of data breaches versus hacks. Data Privacy The implications of the Blackbaud Ransomware Attack As discussed last week, Blackbaud asserted that hackers were unable to access encrypted data in the recent ransomware attack, but how many businesses and … Read more

The Children’s Code Unpicked

It has long been recognised that children are being ‘datafied’ by companies and organisations that record many thousands of data points about them as they grow up. These can range from details about their mood and their friendships to what time they woke up and when they went to bed. As a case in point, … Read more

Cyber security – de-risking the use of cloud services

Many organisations are moving cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Google Suite, Azure and AWS, this changes every organisation’s cyber threat profile. Cyber criminals on the internet are very aware of this shift and are taking full advantage of poorly configured services to steal data and extort victims for money. Most of you have probably heard about the Denial of Service (DDoS) … Read more

Data Privacy and Cyber Security Choices

Following a recent government announcement in which Dominic Raab warned that “predatory” cyber criminals and hostile states are seeking to exploit the coronavirus pandemic, saying that UK citizens, businesses and institutions will be targeted for weeks and months ahead, organisations need to identify their risk. Subsequently, in a security report “Identifying Unique Risks of Work … Read more

Grwpiau cymunedol a COVID-19

Wrth i COVID-19 barhau i ysgubo ar draws y Deyrnas Unedig, mae mwy a mwy o bobl yn cael eu sbarduno i helpu’r rhai sy’n fwyaf agored i niwed yn ein cymunedau. Mae grwpiau eglwysig, cymdeithasau cymdogaeth a chymdeithasau trigolion yn cael eu sefydlu i gefnogi gwaith grwpiau cymunedol, gwasanaethau ac elusennau sy’n bodoli eisoes.