• Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The Environment

Our organisation is committed to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking any part of our business of which includes our supply chain.

Within our anti-slavery policy, we promise to act ethically and transparency in all our business relationships.

Our policy includes a robust due-diligence process:

  • Employee checks
  • Through on-boarding assess any potential risk areas when adding new suppliers to our roster.
  • Systematic checks and reviews of our existing supply chain relationships.
  • Understand and monitor any potential risk areas in our supply chain.
  • Protect whistleblowers.

Our employees are one of our most important assets, we believe that the workplace should be safe, fun, caring and healthy. We actively encourage active and healthy choices within our culture.

ClearComm offers:

  • Flexible working, on-going appraisals and career advancement programmes.
  • We promote a social diary and out of work activities to enhance a culture of positive relationships within the business.
  • We offer an employee assistance programme which has great benefits as part of their employment. Our programme helps health and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Within our organisation, we have trained mental health assistants to offer support and advice if required.

Corporate social responsibility is important and we take pride in our relationships with the communities around us. We know how important those communities are to us as a business. When developing our services, we have a role to play in improving services for the community as a whole, not just to clients and private individuals.

Corporate social responsibility is part of our culture, we value the diverse communities that surround us. We recognise the importance of these communities to help us thrive in our business.

We engage with our local communities, understanding them as customers, neighbours, employees, businesses and residents. We believe it is important to engage and promote cohesive ways of partnering.

Our policy is to offer employment opportunities to the community by offering non-discriminatory policies to all within the community.

Our engagement with the community is actively promoted with our business and cascaded to our employees. Many of our staff are actively involved with local charities and community organisations, whether this is as a trustee, volunteer or fundraising. We operate a charity partnership programme which directly promotes volunteering in the community.

Our Not for Profit team is involved in pro bono work and includes running free seminars, training courses and producing content enabling us to promote compliance within the organisation.

We are constantly seeking new ways of working within the communities and seek new initiatives to tackle poverty and hardship.

Through our activities, products and services, we recognise that we have many different impacts on the environment.

We are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance and in the prevention of pollution.

To this end, all our employees will be made aware of their personal responsibility in improving environmental performance, and we will provide them with the appropriate training and resources to achieve this.

We are committed to selecting our suppliers using environmental criteria, and we will continue to support our customers in reducing their environmental impact.

By implementing an environmental management system we will reduce our environmental impact by:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation
  • Improving energy and other resource efficiencies, and reducing waste
  • Reducing our impact on the environment from vehicle usage

We are committed to an appraisal of our environmental performance every 12 months and will review our environmental targets and objectives regularly to ensure that they remain appropriate.