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About us

ClearComm.org is an organisation delivering Training, Audit and Monitoring Services for General Data Protection Regulation.

Our team comprises of fully trained Data Protection Officers and Partnership Managers with experience in Data and GDPR policies. This breadth of knowledge ensures all client requirements are fully serviced and completed on time.

ClearComm work closely with third sector and business enterprises, we take our environmental and social responsibility very seriously and as such we have clear and ethical working practices in place.


It is a regulation, not a directive!

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation will replace the existing Data Protection Act in May 2018. It is the first major review of data protection for 20 years. GDPR extends the rights and freedoms of data subjects and places far more responsibility on organisations to process data fairly, accurately and securely.

Penalties for non-compliance have been increased from a maximum of £500,000 to a potential €20m

How is it implemented?

Organisations can either recruit a professional privacy expert, train an existing member of staff or use a compliance consultancy to implement the rules, procedures and guidelines of a privacy policy. Considerable savings can be achieved by using the consultancy option, along with continuous monitoring without the worry of holiday and sick cover. This is important because if there is a data breach it must be reported to the ICO within 72 hours.

Training all staff in data protection awareness is part of compliance too. In addition to this an organisation will need to appoint a data controller. GDPR recommends that organisations should adopt ‘Data Protection by Design’ and this means identifying other people to become Information Asset Owners (IAO) and a board member to become the Senior Information Rights Owner or SIRO. These are recommendations but adoption of such a structure plays an important part in demonstrating compliance.

Who is the best partner to choose for this implementation?

There isn’t much time left to implement compliance. Being ready ahead of the deadline will give organisations an enormous advantage and will demonstrate to stakeholders and supporters that data protection is being taken seriously. Experienced data professionals are few and far between and can be expensive to employ full time.

We have the knowledge, resources an experience to ensure you have the necessary understanding and procedures in place as soon as possible. Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) team will help you plan and impliment everything you need to become compliant. This includes audits and risk assessments, data security measures, subject access guidelines, industry leading staff training and on going DPO monitoring services.  We take a simple approach, you’re either compliant or your not. Our services will take you through the process and help you decide the measures you will need to make sure you are complaint. Then as a separate service we deliver a DPO to safeguard your reputations and act as you point of contact with the ICO and data subjects.

Why is it important?

GDPR is a set of laws you must abide by. Every organisation that manages personal data of any kind must be compliant with the principles and conditions of GDPR.

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  • We would recommend ClearComm as GDPR compliance consultants. We have worked with them over the last few months, their advice has changed the way we communicate with our supporters and we now feel confident we are lawfully processing data. This is particularly important to us as we share supporters' details with our Charity partners on a regular basis. Most of all though, I would commend their interpretation of GDPR and the new processing principles. They have made the new data protection rules work for us and in our particular circumstances, this has enabled us to grow our business and work with more charities knowing that we are compliant.
  • Helen Usher
    ClearComm are our GDPR compliance consultants. Mark Burnett is our Data Protection Officer and ClearComm have delivered advice to us on every aspect of the new data protection laws. This has been invaluable! They have been nothing but professional and approachable and have created a data policy which works for us when we fundraise and coordinate any of our volunteers. Staff training was very engaging. They gave us advice in a way we could all understand it, straightforward, practical and informed. I would highly recommend working with them. It has given us immense peace of mind on a very important area.
    Helen Usher
    Born Free Foundation
  • Adam Bryan
    Mark Burnett is well known to the Institute of Fundraising as he has sat on two of our regional committees for the past 3 years. He also delivers regular training courses for us with a high level of positive feedback from  attendee.  He is informed and engaging and his training sessions are very popular. His has a thorough knowledge of the new GDPR and his interpretations of the principles are well researched  and carefully thought through. I know that he will be working with a number of our members over the coming year to help prepare them for compliance.  I recommend Mark Burnett as a Data protection Practitioner.
    Adam Bryan
    Institute of Fundraising